Sunday, April 1, 2007

J for Jamun

Gulab Jamun & a surprise inside

Jamun ..... Gulab Jamun or Balls in Sugar syrup (my daughter "A" says) is all same.... But the important thing is it should be soft & not only from outside but from inside too.
So one day we all friends (we meet every Thursday afternoon for Lunch) were discussing about making Soft Gulab Jamun. And everybody started giving lots of ideas....... like don't use this brand & don't add water, add milk & use Ghee for frying instead of oil & soooo sooo & so....
It was tough whom to listen & we cameup with a idea where we descided to stuff a sugar ball (Khadi sakkar)..... which will melt inside the Jamun when exposed to heat.
That was a fabulous idea.... but i wanted something different to try....

And heres this Jamun with a twist in it....Chalo i will wait if anybody visits my blog & gusses whats the twist here....!!!!!

I am waiting........

Well i was waiting that somebody will visit my blog & guess nobody did.... So heres the surprise i was talking about... Its Chocolate...everybody loves it...

Chocolate stuffed inside the Jamun

Another Close-up Look of the Chocolate in Jamun


Sharmi said...

hi, thanks for dropping by my blog.
I dont add anything and yet get it soft. but some ppl keep a kishmish(raisin) inside and fry.


Foodlovers said...

Hi Sharmi,
Thanks for visiting my blog... u r right... some ppl (including u)really make good & soft Jamuns... but not me & ur right about Kishmish.... but this time its different... Kids will love it (otherwise also they love)...

Anonymous said...

hi , your gulab ajmun looks faantastic, and the surprise chocolate inside is a great idea,
do you have the recipe for this that you can post Thanks alot!!

Foodlovers said...

Hi dear,
I made these Gulab Jamun's with readymade pack may be MTR or DEEP ones.
But stuffing Chocolate makes it different & surprising for kids.