Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hey I am a Potato Fan!!!
Love to have Potato anytime of day. So here i came up with a dish where I have prepared one potato sabji & used it in many different way.
So here comes our favourite root POTATO.

Yummy Potato Sabji

You need:
Potatoes 4 Big ones
Onion 4 big ones Finely chopped
Green chillies 8 nos Slit in to half
Coriander 1/2 cup finely chopped
Curry leaves 1 stick
Salt to taste

For tadaka:
Mustard seeds
Channa dal & udad dal 2 tbsp

To do:
Boil the potatoes in cooker, peel & mash them.
Take oil in a kadai, when its warm enough add mustard seeds & channa dal, udad dal fry till it bocomes golden.
Add chopped onion & green chillies, fry till onion becomes transparent.
Add turmeric, salt & curry leaves. Let it cook for a while & add mashed potatoes & coriander leaves.
Mix well & cook for few min on low flame.
Serve hot with Chapatis or use it to make masala Dosas.

And one day I came up with this dish which I call Stuffed Idli .
So heres the dish.

All you need:
Leftover or freshly made onion potao sabji(usually used for Masala Dosa)
Idli batter
Idli stand & steamer
Ghee or Oil for grease

All you have to do:
Make small lime size balls of potato sabji & flatten them.
Grease the Idli stand with Ghee or oil & pour a 3/4 th Tbsp of batter in each idli holes.
Now place flatten potato sabji in the middle & cover them again with the batter.
Steam the idli's in the steamer or cooker as usual you do for idli's.
Once they are steamed just take them out & cut it in half, it gives a nice appeal to serve.
Serve with any chutney, I love to serve with Grapes Chutney.

I find very difficulty in making stuffed parathas, most of the time they break & taste more of a doughy.
So i came up with a solution Chiroti Stuffed Paratha.

You need:
Onion potao Sabji for filling
Chapati or Roti dough for external layer
Oil for roasting

To Do:
Take a large portion of the dough. Roll it into a circular disc with the help of a rolling pin & dry flour. Spread the filling all over the dough. Now roll the dough with filling inside to make a cylendar shape.
Now cut the cylenders on many pices to make individual balls. Flatten these balls & roll them into medium circles.
Now transfer this to a griddle(tava) and cook till brown spots appear on both sides of the parantha.

Apply little oil on each side and cook till golden brown.
Serve hot with achar (pickle) and dahi (yogurt) our your favourite Chutney.

Potato sanwich Bhaji

You need:
Potato sabji
Cheakpeas Flour
Dhaniajeera powder
Red chilli powder
Lemon Juice
Oil for frying

To Do:
Make batter by mixing Cheakpeas flour, daniajeera pwd, Redchilli pwd, salt & lemon juice.
Add little bit of water to make a batter of right consistenct to make Bhajis.
Now toast the bread in toaster & spread the potato sabji & put another bread on top.
Just make a Sandwich.
Cut it in two diagonally making two triangles.
Dip in the batter & deepfry in the oil.
Fry them in oil till they are golden in colour & take out
Place on the Absorbent paper to get ride of excess oil.
Serve hot or cold(Picnics, outings) with Grapes chutney & Tomato Sauce.

Link to tis post : POTATO :JFI of Month


Biby Cletus said...

Hey there, good stuff do publish more recipes like to try out good blog be in touch

regards Biby - Blog

Nupur said...

Love your ideas! The chiroti paratha is so creative, and so are the stuffed idlis!

Foodlovers said...

Hey HI Biby Cletus Thanks for visiting my blog & appreciating my work.

Hey Nupur thanks a lot, it feels good when somebody praises our cooking.

Would love to add more

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hi tehre.This is very creative.I liked the idea of idle and others too.I really can think what agreat fan of potato you are....

musical said...

Stuffed idly is creative cooking at its best :). and trust me these words are not enough to describe that.....(wonderful entry for finger foods event on Coffee's blog-thats where i reached your blog from).

Ayesha Seerin said...

I 'm not an idly fan , but ur stuffed idly has made me one ...
I have the same problem u mentioned while making parathas , should try ur idea

Vidwata said...


I had almost given up hopes on aaloo parathas. Kept calling up mom to tell me how to avoid making a 'doughy' paratha... finally here I get a perfect recipe and the traditional paratha spruced in a new style. I am generaly curious, why you called them chiroti?? what does chiroti mean??

I made it yesterday evening! hubby loved it! and when he asked what's cooking... i said 'spiral aloo paratha'...

idlis look tempting! shall try them some time... and am hoping for more recipes!

Foodlovers said...

Hi friends,
thanks for visiting my blog.

Hey Soumya i started really loving potato only after i realised that i can't eat them during my pregnancy(it was tough & tempting )...& Now i just look for excuse to use them in my cooking....

Hey Musical... i didn't know about the Finger foods event but thanks & i visited Coffee's blog & was surprised to see my dish....

Ayesha I too didn't like the Idlies specially when they trun out hard... so i came up with this stuffing part... Love to experiment

Vidwata.. hey thanks for trying my Chiroti parathas... i call them "Chiroti Paratha" b'cas thats the way we make chiroti's at home.. Its a sweet dish made up of Maida & fine rava & soaked in sugar syrup.... I don't have an exact idea but somewhat like that.. ya try the idli's i love them...

Santhi said...

Hi...was just looking at the JFI roundup..the stuffed idlis are so different and creative...and i am going to try them for b'fast will let u know how they turned out..
will keep checking ur blog for more creative stuff like this one...

Foodlovers said...

Hi Santhi
thanks for visiting my blog, ppl like you encourage me to do more & share with others... will surely keep updating this blog & in touch with everybody..
And let me know how your Idllies turned out....

Food Lovers

Anu said...

Hi! I loved the dishes posted on your blog. They are so creative and different. It would be intersting to try out these variations..Keep Posting more :-)